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We evaluates our client’s talent needs, determines where technical competence may be found, and assembles an organised, agile, and inventive team.

Through our extremely inventive search and selection process, we are proud of our proven experience in supplying the best quality, experienced, and dependable IT employees

Why Should Every Organization Have A

Staff Augmentation Plan In Place?

Finding suitable candidates with sufficient experience and skills when deadlines are looming can be very costly and time-consuming. With the rapidly evolving nature of technology and business needs, every business demands a workforce that fits with the circle, merges seamlessly into the daily work environment, and drives projects to success.

As a result, many businesses are now turning to on-demand staff augmentation resources to help build their workforce with high-value skills that can help take their organization to the next level.


Disciplined approach to attract and screen for “best-fit” candidates.


Reduced hiring time through efficient and effective process and technology.

Strong Talent Pipeline

Creating a strong talent pipeline in advance of need ensuring that there are continuous improvements to the entire hiring experience

Cost Reduction

Minimizes the cost involved in hiring and operating, which can be easily translated into profits.

Key Offerings Resources

Froximo provides the exact number of qualified professionals with the competencies required to streamline a project. We can supplement in-house teams with skilled individuals, providing an experienced workforce on demand for a variety of areas.

Power BI
Cloud Computing
Data Privacy
Compliance & Assessments
System Administrator
Digital Forensics & Incident Handler
…And many more technologies


Froximo's Staff Augmentation
Service Provide Value!

Froximo evaluates its clients’ staffing requirements, determines where the technical competence could be sourced, and puts an organized, agile, and highly innovative team into place. We take pride in offering the finest quality, experienced, and dependable IT and non-IT professionals through our incredibly creative search and selection process.
Industry experties
We have a talented pool of experts who have expertise in all fields and needs. Hence, Technivorus Technology can be an ultimate one-stop solution for all staff augmentation requirements.
On-Demand Staffing
Not sure how many resources you require for the project completion? Don’t fret; we can scale your team seamlessly with on-demand staffing. We always have the right talent prepared for your business needs.
Flawless Collaboration
Our staff, in addition to being technical experts, has the ability to work well with the local team in an organisation at any time during the project to achieve the best results
Hassle-free Support
Our staff works round the clock to ensure that our client receives dependable service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Research Team Will Identify The Talent Gap In The Market:

Companies are confronting a workforce skill gap as technology evolves at a rapid pace. Our R&D team does a 360-degree evaluation to identify the Talent Gap and makes every attempt to close it.
Sourcing The Right Candidate:

With the help of initial Interview rounds our team of expert recruiters keeps on filling our talent pipeline with qualified and top-tier individuals so companies can choose the best hire for their team.
Requirement Gathering By Dedicated Account Manager:

Once we receive the inquiry from the client's end, we assign a dedicated account manager to get an end-to-end understanding of their needs & develop the JD based on it.
Present The Right Profile From Our Talent Pool & Schedule:

With the help of initial Interview rounds our team of expert recruiters keeps on filling our talent pipeline with qualified and top-tier individuals so companies can choose the best hire for their team.
Feedback - Selection \ Rejection Notification:

Once we get the formal confirmation from the client we provide them with the candidate within the agreed time frame.
** We provide the latest BGV report (3 months) from credible agencies. In case the client does not approve, they are introduced to the next talent in the pipeline.

Industry We Serve

Find highly skilled talent with specific knowledge in various industries



Sales & Marketing

Health Care

Banking & Finance



The Best-Suited Staff Augmentation to protect sensitive data.

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Our dedicated team ensures to provide the right talent with technical support and guidance. Our staff augmentation services and client-focused hiring models assist  in building up the required team quickly and meeting the objectives with the sole  outcome- Your Success!

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